Uluslarası Konferans Makaleleri

  1. Applications of a generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili type equation for varying water depths Beji ICNAAM 18
  2. A generalized KdV type equation for uneven depths Beji ICCE 16
  3. Rip current fatalities on the Black Sea beaches of Istanbul and effects of winds Barlas Beji ICCE 16
  4. Time domain comparisons of measured and spectrally simulated breaking waves Ozalp Beji ICCE 16
  5. Applications of Rayleigh’s instability equation Beji IMA 16
  6. Applications of a depth-integrated wave model Beji EUROMS 12
  7. Water waves generated by moving pressure fields Bayraktar Beji ISOPE 12
  8. A new numerical scheme for improved Boussinesq equations with surface pressure Bayraktar Beji IMAM 11
  9. A 2-D numerical model for linear long wave propagation in boundary-fitted curvilinear grids Yakan Akan Beji ICMRT 07
  10. Boundary-fitted nonlinear dispersive wave model for applications in geometrically complicated regions Beji Barlas Nadaoka APAC 03
  11. New approaches for computing wave growth rate due to shear instabilities Beji Nadaoka APAC 03
  12. A nonlinear dispersive wave model for wave propagation in irregular domains Beji Barlas CMHSC 01
  13. Accurate modeling of orbital velocities near seabed using a nonlinear dispersive wave model Barlas Beji Nadaoka MSD 00
  14. A nonlinear dispersive wave model for irregular boundaries Beji Barlas MMA 00
  15. Variations in nonlinearly evolved nearshore spectra and their significance in the estimation of wave forces Beji Nadaoka ICCE 98
  16. Spectral modelling of nonlinear wave shoaling and breaking over arbitrary depths Beji Nadaoka Coastal Dyn 97
  17. Spectral modelling of unidirectional nonlinear wave propagation over arbitrary depths Beji Nadaoka ISOPE 97
  18. Nonlinear refraction-diffraction of surface waves over arbitrary depths Beji Nadaoka ICCE 96
  19. Spectral modelling of nonlinear waves on arbitrary water depth based on a new wave equation (Japonca) Beji Nadaoka JSCE 96
  20. An open boundary treatment for simulation of nonlinear wave propagation (Japonca) Kiyokawa Nadaoka Beji JSCE 96
  21. Directional wave simulations by a time-dependent nonlinear mild-slope equation Beji Nadaoka MEDCOAST 95
  22. Directional wave simulations by a new nonlinear-dispersive wave equation (Japonca) Beji Nadaoka JSCE 95
  23. A fully dispersive nonlinear wave model and its numerical solutions Nadaoka Beji Nakagawa ICCE 94
  24. Numerical simulation of nonlinear directional waves by an improved Boussinesq model Beji Nadaoka Waves Phys Num Mod 94
  25. Development of a fully-dispersive nonlinear wave model and its experimental verification (Japonca) Nadaoka Beji Ono JSCE 94
  26. Transformation of non-breaking waves over a bar Beji Ohyama Battjes Nadaoka ICCE 92
  27. Breaking waves propagating over a shoal Battjes Beji ICCE 92
  28. Spectral evolution in waves traveling over a shoal Battjes Beji Proc NWWW 91